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2015 — 2017

Sector: Sport, Healthcare

Location: Singapore

What we did:
UX + Visual Design
Print Design

The world's first connected & wearable sports muscle stimulator. Powerdot on-the-go workouts seamlessly integrate into the existing training plan and target significant muscle strength & endurance gains.


PowerDot is a solution for any active athlete who is looking for new ways to workout and recover their muscles. It is a an electrical muscle stimulator that’s small, mobile, and pairs up with your phone to provide 8 different programs including strength training, warm up, and active recovery. Before the phenomenal launch PowerDot has presented their startup on IndieGoGo and gathered $122,931 USD raised by 1072 backers for the moment. It’s 246% of $50,000 fixed goal.


The logo and style of the brand are laconic and restrained. It is absolutely easy to read in the logo the metaphor of the name and essence of the product itself: dot and lightning discharge. The main colors (black, white, red) are classics, and therefore universal in use, and appeal to taste of both the female and male part of the audience.

Package and manual

Everyone knows that the first impression is always based on appearance. That is why the packaging of a quality product simply must be no less professional and attractive, and the main to keep the product well. Just bethink the time of the deployment of a new purchase. Oh, how the first acquaintance is important. We also made the layout of the manual, made sure that it did not take up a lot of space, it corresponded to the general concept of design and was generally easy to read and understand.

“One of the coolest things about the PowerDot is the app. When you boot up the app, you pick which type of program you’re looking for then choose which part of your body you want to work on. The app then provides you with photo examples of where to apply the electrode pads and when it’s all hooked up and the pods are connected, the app gets ready to kick off.”