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You are more than a phone number on a piece of paper. Instantly connect, be remembered, and let people learn more about you by using OVOU Card.

Sector: Social, Digital Business Card, Vcard
Location: Burnaby, BC, Canada
2019 — Today


The client

At OVOU we believe in building better relationships. We know that people are so much more than what fits on a piece of paper, so we created a way to showcase the entirety of who they are. One of the most basic human instincts is to connect—and the more we know about each other, the easier it is to find those commonalities that strengthens our relationships. Rather than reduce our identities to a handful of words, OVOU celebrates the richness of who we are in every aspect of our lives while reducing waste associated with traditional business cards.


Ovou’s internal team were missing the skills to bring their vital digital innovations to life. Through research, strategy, designing and prototyping, we partnered with Ovou over several years to improve their client-performer communications and help researchers to do their work safer, faster and smarter.


Our partnership with Ovou resulted in the design and prototyping of three different products, each one helping to solve a different research goal or procedural pain point in the business trial process.


The result

We developed and maintained robust internal processes to ensure we could comply with Ovou’s rightly rigorous. Yet, this ongoing partnership proves that our core belief in simple, useful, and beautiful solutions is a recipe for success no matter what the sector.


  • – Strategy
  • – Brand Strategy
  • – Content Strategy
  • – Creative Strategy
  • – Workshop & Facilitation
  • – Brand Design
  • – Creative Direction

User Interface

  • – Style exploration
  • – Creative direction
  • – User Interface design
  • – Product design
  • – Marketing website Illustrations
  • – Animations

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