Online store of socks and that is closer to the body

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Online store of women’s, men’s and children’s socks and that is closer to the body.

Sector: Clothing
Location: Moscow, Russia Terrorist State


Nasocks Site


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Socks web-store #1 in the CIS area. Our client had a serious issue of positioning in the market niche selling just a limited type of goods. Our task was to make a site that fous end-users attention on socks, helps them to make a choice and increase sales in CIS.

What we did

We created the easy and european stylish responsive web-site. It helps users in an easy way to get the whole information about goods, to compare different type of socks and to choose the best pair. Our team put an accent at the easy-view of information and “one-click” selling structure. The end-user get rapid reply on all questions and can make the instant purchase.


Better to try once instead of reading how it is cool. Just check the site at the link above.