Great healthcare organization in the US

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Great healthcare organization in the US that provides intelligent, real-time systems in the hospitals

2014 – 2016
Sector: Science, Healthcare
Location: Santa Clara, USA

What we did:
Brand Strategy
UX + Visual Design

Website LeanTaas

Website LeanTaas basov


Better healthcare through math. That is a main goal of LeanTaas. We were happy to be involved to really important project. Mobile-enabled experiences are a key tool for healthcare providers to deliver better, more efficient care to patients. Lean principles and predictive analytics can help build intelligent, real-time systems that increase patient access, decrease wait times, and reduce healthcare delivery costs.

The Brief

The purposes of the project were to provide LeanTaas with an professional, attractive website which could be used to showcase the goals and experience of the company and generate leads; also, they needed more visual materials for investors and customers.

The Approach

We carried out primary research into consumer market and supply of medical companies in the information space. We were put together a profile of how other brands fit into the marketplace. On this base we formulated consumers expectations how graphic materials should look like, how to correlate the existing materials.

leantaas website basov design

Web Design

The website design was focussed around simplicity, professionalism and visual clarity. Numerous figures, research, data make science unattainable for the everyman, hence such information requires a serious attitude, correlation, a lot of visually outlined forms. Therefore, in addition to the company’s website, we encountered a lot of graphs, schemes and other graphic structures.


Starting from the scratch we have made a fully responsive front-end development of the site, optimized it so it could perform good, fast and correctly on any device. All modern trends and usability principles were followed.


To accompany the presentations, LeanTaas needed extra marketing material to bolster their efforts. We handled the design full color marketing brochures, leaflets. We kept the visual language consistent throughout, to align with the new website design and branding.

Scope of work

  • — Key visual design
  • — Mobile friendly website design
  • — Front-end development
  • — Development consulting
  • — Brochures
  • — Documents
  • – Presentations
  • – Charts
  • – Infographics