Deux par Deux
Children's Designer Clothing

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Deux par Deux baby and kids clothing boutique is the best place to find high-quality children’s clothing, designed in Canada!

Sector: eCommerce, Children’s Clothing
Location: Montreal, Canada
2017 — 2021

The client

A family business.
Celebrating childhood since 1986, Deux par Deux is first and foremost a family story, the fruit of 10000 days of creation and exploration and an inexhaustible source of inspiration and imagination at the service of its clients, the young and young at heart alike.

Deux par Deux is proud to be a Canadian company that focuses first and foremost on the quality of its products.


Canadian team were missing the skills to bring their vital digital innovations to life. Through research, strategy, designing and prototyping, we partnered with Deux par Deux over several years to improve their client-performer communications and help researchers to do their work safer, faster and smarter.

The result

As a result of our cooperation, the design and prototypes helped to solve and create a huge website that helps conveniently choose, buy and deliver clothes.


  • – Strategy
  • – Brand Strategy
  • – Content Strategy
  • – Creative Strategy
  • – Workshop & Facilitation
  • – Brand Design
  • – Creative Direction

User Interface

  • – Style exploration
  • – Creative direction
  • – User Interface design
  • – Product design
  • – Marketing website Illustrations
  • – Animations

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