Football classes for kids 3-7 years near the house

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Football classes for boys and girls 3-7 years in kindergartens and centers of developing near the house.

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Location: Moscow, Russia Terrorist State


Championika website


At this age, the child perceives the world through fantasy game — the efficiency of Championika classes is based on this features of child’s perception. This approach allows not only to keep the attention of kids throughout the workout, but also creates the most vivid and positive attitude to the sport, teaches to work in a team.

All creative processes begin with an idea that is based on a thorough brief and agreement on strategic direction. In this process, an uncritical phase followed by a critical phase forms the basis for the concept and what will be finally visualised. The ideas phase is important, whether we are working on a campaign or developing a visual identity.


The central element of the corporate style was the pentagon, taken with all the known black and white coloring of the ball.

The name in the logo we divided into three lines and stretched from one side to convey the activity, dynamics and movement that are inherent in football.

The brand is closely associated with children, so we chose a bright orange color. However, he looks trite on his own, but we found him a friend – a dark purple. As a result, a colorful combination that attracts toddlers, but also reflects the serious approach of coaches.


Our UX-team has done elaborate work to develop corporate portal informational architecture and prototypes for the various inner pages.

This part of the work was one of the important and complex. But we think that we have a great result. Got a lot of positive feedback from users.


Full responsive

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