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Real communication just in one click! Web service for communication and dating in the new format. Communication has never been so easy!

Blabroom features smart filters to help you find a suitable personal chat partner automatically. Blabchat is a unique technology that allows you to break the ice of a first contact and overcome any communication barriers – thanks to a vast database of questions and game-like environment.

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Location: St. Petersburg, Russia



Behance Featured in Interaction
Nominated as the best social network of the year (2014) in Russia


Blabroom is a social network that helps users to find a suitable chat partner in a moment. Our main case was to make a comfort environment for users, to let do the first step ahead and meet new people.

What we did

We have started this project with psychologists’ consultation. It is always hard to start a chat with somebody new. In fact it is a micro-stress that force people to act and do things they usually do not like. Our team was focused on finding best colors and best site structure that let people behave more natural and concentrate of the communication.


Blabroom’s site has been designed to help shy people establish their first contacts with other members of the site. In addition to a diverse range of discussion topics, users are offered features that resemble a “dating game,” in which users who enter as singles can end up in a couple. We have created the site that helps people to get new and unforgettable experience.

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