Mobile. We help companies and brands to expand their digital presence significantly and draw closer to the user. We implement a full range of mobile app development projects, from concept development and design to interface design and engineering implementation on all mobile platforms – iOS, Android, Windows phone.

Intuitive design, enjoyable experience

A user’s experience defines how they perceive a platform or application. Whether it’s on the web or on a mobile device, careful consideration of every detail is vital. From micro-interactions to transitions, sweating the details allows you to ensure your user feels empowered and at ease using your product.

Creating a powerful but useable interface

Something that takes a long time to complete, doesn’t get completed. If it takes you 10 steps on one app to complete an action and 4 on another which would you choose? Providing tools is half the challenge, presenting them so the user can complete the task efficiently is the other half.

We were genuinely blown away. The Basov team delivered innovative solutions and a beautiful new interface that has helped us retain and win new business.

Michael Cramer
CEO at Adagio Teas / Garfield, NJ, USA

Design & development done right.

We take a pragmatic approach to design and development, focussing the build around your goals and delivering a world class result.

Competitive Analysis

We will look at how others have solved similar problems, so not to reinvent the wheel. We take what we find and put it to use when considering the initial visuals.

Brainstorm & Wireframe

Initial ideas and opinions are discussed and different directions explored in order to accomplish the goal set by you.

Red Routes

Red routes are the paths that your user takes to complete the vital tasks your product provides. We work with you to build user stories, in order to implement the most intuitive and empowering routes to achieving the important stuff.

Client Feedback

Getting feedback and opinions from you, the client, on how you feel the website should work is crucial to building a user experience that is simple yet powerful.

Build & Develop

We use the style guides, the wireframes and visuals we have produced to build a pixel perfect application. We incorporate micro-interactions and transitional effects to give the user a sense of progression and speed.


We define how the application will display on each size screen. This ensures good user experience across a variety of screen sizes and devices.