We help brands to fully achieve the potential inherent in digital communication. Basov develops corporate and promotional sites, high-traffic portals, e-commerce solutions, startup projects and services. We focus specially on customer needs and providing very user-friendly interface. Our company applies state-of-the-art technologies and approaches in its work. Our solutions create expertise, enthusiasm and intuitive simplicity. They make sites effective and high converting

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Design with a purpose

Implementation of a brand’s website can be make or break. Our comprehensive web design and development approach will ensure we understand your brand, so that we can channel it across a variety of different online platforms. Our focus is on a website that provides a human experience that people enjoy interacting with, regardless of how well versed they are with technology.

For the user, not just their screen

Over a third of all internet traffic now takes place on portable devices and we think it is absolutely essential to provide your users with an intelligent, effortless experience.

We make sure that your website is a joy to use and work with on mobile, not only that it is responsive.

Worked with Basov Design on the development of corporate identity and website. I got the pleasure of a rare, to date, the combination of interesting ideas, quality of execution and compliance with the agreements. Someone knows how to talk about these things, Basov Design makes them. I recommend!

Filipp Almakov
CEO at PowerDot / USA

Design & development done right.

We take a pragmatic approach to design and development, focussing the build around your goals and delivering a world class result.

Competitive Analysis

We will look at how others have solved similar problems, so not to reinvent the wheel. We take what we find and put it to use when considering the initial visuals.

Brainstorm & Wireframe

Initial ideas and opinions are discussed and different directions explored in order to accomplish the goal set by you.

Client Feedback

Getting feedback and opinions from you, the client, on how you feel the website should work is crucial to building a user experience that is simple yet powerful.

Build & Develop

We build each part of the website bespoke into the required CMS. We use the style guides, the wireframes and visuals we have produced to build a pixel perfect website.


We define how the website will display on each size screen. This ensures good user experience across a variety of screen sizes and devices.

Testing & Q.A.

This part is self explanatory, test, test and test to ensure that the website works exactly as it was designed to.